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How it all started.

Two brothers saw a need for mounting system that was less distracting, more affordable and more secure than what was on the market. With the enthusiasm of the one brother, for something he wanted to hang his trophies with and quit having mounts fall off the wall, and the other brother with a background in manufacturing and a part-time taxidermist, and wives with background in business, they came up with a solution. Dead On Display allows you to “show off your trophy, not their mounting system.” It also makes hanging mounts affordable and very secure. We also recognize that most people’s living room also doubles as a trophy room. With that in mind we needed something that wouldn’t be knocked off of the wall with little kids rough housing or people bumping into it.  We also know that when we display our trophies on our house we want them to be something that our wives will want to look at.  The wives at Dead On Display went to great efforts to make sure the design wasn’t distracting or tacky.  We have painful experience with other products on the market that even just one fall off of the wall will destroy the trophy beyond repair. This system locks the mount internally to the wall to ensure your trophy is secure, at an affordable price, that is easy to install and won’t distract from what you are really the most proud of.